Batla House Movie Review: A confusing story is shouldered well by John Abraham


Director:Nikhhil Advani

Cast: John Abraham, Mrunal Thakur

 Movie Review:So we had another patriotic drama inspired by real story hitting the silver screen today. This time we again have John Abraham versus Akshay Kumar. While the latter has a sci-fi drama, John Abraham comes back with his condescending cop character. Well, the character kind of suits him and fits him well like gloves. Coming to the storyline, then Batla House is inspired by the controversial encounter of two university student in Batla House who were alleged to be associated with the terrorist association. The film is about the encounterwhich remained in the radar of the officials for a long time. Although we still have ambiguity surrounding theoriginalencounter, Batla House will give you a hint of conclusion.

PC:Hindu Rush

The film is about Sanjay Kumar essayed by Johan Abraham who helms the encounter at Batla House. Later, with the allegations of killing innocent students, he suffers disbelief. He is haunted by images of the killed students and blood on his medals. This also impacts his personal life. Mrunal Thakur essays the role of a newsreader. Although much intensity could have been added to the relationship between Mrunal Thakur and Johan Abraham, the film talks about the encounter

At some places, you might find the drama taking an edge over, but Johna Abraham’s impeccable acting subtly pacifies it. He looks calm, composed and at the same time battling the battle of doubts. One thing which misfits is the item song by Norah Fatehi, but I guess that how the director has added the Bollywood tadka to the film. It’s a great movie, and if you are John Abraham fan, you must watch it.