Should Bollywood be More Responsible?

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Bollywood does indeed impact common people. Their style statement and appearance and even ideologies create a significant impact on the audience. When we say so, then it becomes important that celebrities should ensure that they leave a positive impact on the people. Recently a video emerged which garnered the attention of the netizens. An entire ensemble of A-listers of Bollywood was seen coked. Read ahead to know more on this.

On Saturday Karan Johar uploaded a video on Instagram that had celebrities like Ranbir Kapor, Deepika Padukone, Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Vicky Kaushal, etc. A short clip showcasing all this clip was a bit different; the celebrities appeared to be completed doped. We don’t know whats the truth because the video doesn’t have anything except the stars who looked lost in dreamland.

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Well, drug usage is common in Bollywood, and we have time and again seen the impact of the same. Sanjay Dutt admitted drug abuse. Well, it’s not just him, other stars are actively using a drug which isn’t a good sign, especially when such videos appear. It’s a sad reality that Bollywood, which seems to be inspirational in many aspects, has such a dark side associated with it.

On the related note, Milind Deora whose wife was also present in the party, tweeted that nothing of that sort happened in the party. He wrote that nobody was in the drugged state. However, if you closely look at the video, you will notice that the celebrities were looking high and complexly sloshed.

The stars are yet to respond to this, but we are eagerly waiting for the same. It’s sad to see that stars like Shaahid Kapoor, whose film Udta Punjab dealt with the sensitive issue like drugs, was also one of those who were present at Karan Johar’s party.