Urmila Matondkar Trolled for Anti-Hindu Remarks

Pic Courtesy: Latestly.com

The election season is on and has taken the world by storm. Every day you could see some or the other film stars making an entrance into the world of Politics. Recently, Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar joined Congress. Well, the move was much anticipated by the Congress party. Soon after Urmila Matondkar declaring her entry into Congress garnered the attention of the paparazzi. Politics gives you instant access to the limelight and so did it happen with her as well. Recently, the actress in an interview made a statement that got her trolling.

Yes, you read it right. Soon after the Rangeela girl joined the Congress party, she appeared in an interview where she was asked about her reasons to join Congress. She said that her ideology matches the best with the Congress party, and she had always wanted to join politics and was just waiting for the right time. However, in another part of the same interview, the actress mentioned that Hindu religion has turned violent. Here is the glimpse of the interview:

She mentioned that she has observed that a religion that was once tolerant has become very violent today. People have lost their patience and are turning against each other. Guess what; the netizens tore her apart by leaving comments that should make her think if she was right saying what she had said.

With elections around the corner, we will see many such claims made by the politicians and Urmila Matondkar is no different. The netizens mentioned that she should be more responsible while making any statement.

Here we have got you some of their reactions:

On the related note, another Bollywood actor who has joined Congress is Shatrughan Sinha. Earlier, the actor was part of the BJP frontier but will not be promoting the ideologies of the Congress party.