Junglee Movie Review: A Disappointing journey


Cast:Vidyut Jammwal, Atul Kulkarni, Pooja Sawant

Director– Chuck Russel

After so much buzz and hype around the concept of bringing the relationship of elephant and human on the silver screen, Junglee got releaed today. The film’s story is presented to us by none other than Chuck Russel who is the man behind epic films like The Mask, the Scorpion King, and others. We were expecting some sensation from his end in the Bollywood, but I guess he failed to tap to the tunes of the Indian audiences.

Junglee is a story of a boy named Raj who return back to the jungle where he becomes friends with an elephant named, Bhola. Things start taking a turn, and their relationship evolves with time. It was only until then; Raj encounters the fact that poachers are hitting the jungle and killing the elephants for their tusks. It is here that Raj decided to save his friend Bhola.

The only thing that will catch your attention is the breathtaking views of the jungle and the bonding between Bhola and Raj. Chuck Russel fails to unfold the story in the right manner so that it could take the audiences in the grip.At times you would want something more forms the film, but all you would get is actors trying to fix the pieces of puzzle right.

Atul Kulkarni who essays a negative shade in the film could have been used in a much better way. I felt that there was more emphasis on the action sequences which left the story unattended and that’s where the films fail to deliver and create the magic which it was expected to do.

Well, it is not all bad, if you want to enjoy the film with family and kids you can give it a watch.