5 dialogues of veteran actor Rajkumar that comes with a pinch of salt for the terrorist

Pic Courtesy: Bollywoodaajkal.com

Bollywood has given us many hit films. The wide genre of movies made by Bollywood has always entertained us, films may come and go, but the dialogues remain forever. Many patriotic films from the film industry often leave us with tears in our eyes and rage in our heart, but everything raises our level of patriotism.

Today when Indian Air Force attacked the terrorist camp in Pakistan, the nation stands united to applaud this act of bravery. Pulwama attack was a historic attack which will always be remembered as an act of valour. Bollywood also expressed their happiness on this, and they tweeted about the same.

Veteran actor Rajkumar was known for his dialogues and dialogue to delivery, we couldn’t resist bringing together some of his greatest dialogues which fit the moment well. These will have tears rolling down the eyes of the terrorist. So without much wait, here are the dialogues worth listening again and again (Third one is our favourite):

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Lets us know what you feel about this and share with us your favourite dialogue.