Game of Thrones Season 8 finale spoiler: Are you ready for it?

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If you are a fan of TV series, then one series which would have kept you glued to your chair would be Game of Thrones. The season has successfully completed 7 seasons and is gearing up to leave the audiences stunned with the 8th and final series. It will be showcasing in the month of April in 2019. Game of Thrones is a popular American fantasy drama and is known for its bold storyline. Because of the continuous thrill and political drama it creates, the series has become one of the most liked television drama.

As and when the date of the season finale is approaching, the anticipation for what it stores for the audiences is increasing day by day. There are many speculations about who is going to own the throne, who will become more powerful and how the series is going to end.

Sophie Turner is all excited about the upcoming season and in her recent media interaction with W Magazine, she probably revealed the ending of the series.

As per her, someone just asked her about the series and Sophie Turner responded with an answer that has obviously grabbed the attention of Game of Throne lovers. She said that people have to be ready for a shocker, many important faces and leading characters might die This may have made you sad, but it would have definitely raised your anticipation.

Here we bring you the probable speculations that might happen in the upcoming season of GOT:

We might see Will Jon defeating Daenerys.

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Second spoiler: Jon Snow and Daenerys might rule the throne together.

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Third spoiler: Will Bran warg into a dragon?

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Fourth Spoiler: Will Bran become more powerful?

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To raise your level of excitement, we have got the trailer of the Season 8 :