Shah Rukh Khan says no to Rakesh Sharma’s biopic

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Last month while promoting Zero, Shah Rukh Khan briefly spoke about his next film that was a biopic of Rakesh Sharma. Shah Rukh said he was excited about the script, but yesterday, the news surfaced that the actor has said no to the film. This has left many of his fans shocked.

Shah Rukh’s last few films have not been able to create the same fervour that his earlier films did. In fact, they could not even meet the expectations of his stalwarts. With all this and Zero’s failure at the box office has made Shah Rukh take this step. However, some people are also saying that the schedule of the film was not going as per his expectations and Shah Rukh didn’t want things to go out of hands. The makers of the film insisted on taking Saima Sana Sheikh as the leading lady to which Shah Rukh did not agree and this also added to the list of reasons for Shah Rukh’s denial to do Saare Jahan se Accha.

Earlier, it was Amir Khan who was supposed to do the film and Priyanka Chopra was supposed to be seen as his leading lady. But he refused because of the date issues and suggested Shah Rukh’s name. He said Shah Rukh would be perfect for this role. In fact, Shah Rukh was also excited to do the film.

Sources also say that Shah Rukh has said yes to Farhan Akhtar’s Don 3. The film will be third in the sequel. Shah Rukh was seen playing the lead role in Don: The Chase Begins and Don 2. This move by Shah Rukh Khan has come as good news for those who were missing Shah Rukh Khan’s action films. The shooting for Don 3 will start soon. ‘

For now, there is no news about who would be seen as the leading man in Saare Jahan Se Accha, the biopic of Rakesh Sharma.