Kadar Khan’s son mocks Govinda’s statement

Pic Courtesy: Times Now

The sad demise of Kadar Khan has left the industry and most of us shocked. The news came early morning on 1st January 2019. Kadar Khan was suffering from a degenerative disease and was living in Canada with his three sons. The social media got flooded with the messages from the film fraternity. Kadar Khan had closely worked with actors like Govinda, Amitabh Bachchan, Shakti Kapoor and many others.

Shakti Kapoor came forward and said that we only remember people when they are gone and it’s a harsh reality that we need to accept with a pinch of salt. Govinda, the king of comedy who has given many hit films with Kadar Khan said that he was like a father-figure to him. This statement got slammed by Sarfaraz Khan, Kadar Khan’s son. He said, “my father always told that we are here for yourself and should not expect anything from the world. Govinda said that my father was a father-figure for him but how many times he had enquired about my father’s health? Well, the people are like this. I am happy that my father had a smile on his face when he left the world.”

He also added that Kadar Khan used to remember Bachchan Saab, even in his last days, he used to remember him and the love was mutual.

It is sad to see how film industry standards are changing nowadays. People have become a memory and they are only remembered in pictures. The world seems to be losing the emotions and empathy, so was the case with my father. Even after Kadar Khan’s death only a handful of people have called up his family while others have only stuck to social media to express their sadness. It’s a sad world that we are living in.