Aquaman Movie Review: Welcome to the deep world

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Director – James Wan

Cast – Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson,Yahya Abdul Mateen II

Movie Review: This week we have Hollywood films taking the big screen on fire while Bollywood takes a rest before releasing ZERO on 21st December.  James Wan’s Aquaman was released in India and to be honest enough, the film is able to set the screen on fire with its underworld shots and Jason Momoa as Aquaman. One thing that is noticeable in the film is that Wan has not undermined the female character in the film. You can easily spot the female lead co-shouldering the males.

Let’s get back to the story, the film opens up with a scene where a unitard-clad woman is found by a lighthouse keeper on the beach side. She is no one else but, the Queen of Atlantis, Atlanta (Nicole Kidman). Tom Curry who essays the role of the lighthouse keeper saves her. Soon they fall in love and have their child. The little boy, Arthur, is heir to the throne of Atlantis. Their life runs smoothly until one day when they have intruders barging their life and take back the Queen to where she belongs. That’s when the story takes the turn.

Arthur soon discovers that he is blessed with some powers, he can survive on both, the land and the water and can even control the sea life. Amused by all this he discovers that his step-brother will soon be declaring the war with the surface. Arthur has to return to water to fight the battle and claim his right on the throne and also to stop the way between the land and water. Well, it all seems fantasizing and the underwater shots, the VFX effects will completely soak you into the underwater world.

James Mamoa will mesmerize you with charm and persona. His carefree yet caring attitude in the film is going to woo you. Although the film has a lot to appreciate at some points, you will find it too stretchy. The director could have cut short the second half. But, all-in-all a great film to watch over the weekend. I would say if you are looking for a superhero series which is not inspired by Marvel, then you must go for Aquaman.