2.0 Movie Review: Save the Best for the Last

Pic Courtesy: tollywood.net

Director: Shankar

Star Cast: Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson


2.0 Movie Review: After much await and years of struggle and hard work, Rajnikanth’s and Akshay Kumar’s marvel has hit more than 10,000 screens across the nation. The film also has Amy Jackson in a pivotal role. 2.0 was expected to deliver high-degree action and performances and cinematic experience and from the views of the audiences, we can say that the film is a success. From the ambience in the cinema hall and outside, we can surely understand how excited the audiences are for the film.

Here is a look at the review of the audiences:

The film is about the vengeance that an ornithologist Pakshiraja, essayed by Akshay Kumar, has against mankind for harming birds. 2.0 shows that the excessive usage of mobile phone and its radiation are harming birds and to take revenge Akshay Kumar starts harming the mankind. The only thing stopping him is 2.0 which is the upgraded version of Chitti (the robot, essayed by Rajnikanth).

Though the film doesn’t have too much to dig into and certain obvious incidences, it’s the VFX and action on the screen that will keep you holding to the seat. The film kick starts with the introduction of Rajnikanth. The grand visuals of 2.0 have already won the heart. Last 30 minutes of the film are so capturing that you could watch this film again just for these 30 minutes.

As far as the characters of the film go, the actors have done justice to their role. Rajnikanth takes the audiences by storm and Chitti is cute and smart. The good part about 2.0 is that Akshay has got enough screen time equivalent to Rajnikanth which will give his fans more opportunity applaud him. He is villainous and cruel but wins the heart of the audiences by his character. The climax between 2.0 and Pakshiraja is bang on, it truly makes us feel that the best is saved for the last. The film is doing well till now and we are expecting it to become a hit just like Robot.