Irffan Khan came to India for Diwali

Pic Courtesy: GQ India

Since the time, we got to know about Irffan Khan’s illness, we have been wanting him to recover as soon as possible. There was news about him coming back to India after Diwali. But there was no buzz about the same. The nation soaked in Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding and Irffan Khan silently came to India and went back.

Irrfan Khan is in London and is undergoing treatment for a  rare type of cancer from which he is suffering. It has been around 6 months that the actor is in London and has been sharing his side of the story but not so often. We were expecting him to come back soon. Meanwhile, we have got to know that the actor came to India, was here for two days and then went back.

It was rumored that the actor came to India to pray at a Nashik temple where he did puja and havan. But we have also got to know that he came to celebrate the festival of Diwali. The actor was here for 7 days and has now flown back to the UK. Presently Irrfan Khan is undergoing treatment for neuroendocrine cancer and is recovering. It was also rumoured that the actor would start shooting in the month of December but for now, we have no confirmation from his end.

It was in the month of March 2018 that we got to know that the actor was suffering from neuroendocrine cancer. After this, he shifted to London for treatment and since then we have heard very less from his side. We expect him quicker to recover. Recently other Bollywood celebrities also suffered from this deadly disease, Sonali Bendre is one of them. She is also recovering fast and keeps on sharing her side of the story on the social media platform.  We want them all recovering soon and making a comeback.