Pihu Movie Review: Its dramatic and thrilling but a bit slow

Pic Courtesy: BookMyShow


Star Cast: Myra

Director: Vinod Kapri

Movie Review: After the disaster faced by Thugs of Hindostan at the box office, this weekend we didn’t have much on the plate from Bollywood. Pihu a 96-minute film directed Vinod Kapri has hit the cinemas today. The film is not studded with a stellar cast and has a child artist in the lead.

The story is urban in nature and the movie begins in a high-rise building in Noida. The situations shown in the film are realistic and can happen to any of us. Well, let’s get back to the story. Pihu is a two-year-old girl who just turned two. The next morning she finds herself alone in the house with her mother lying unconscious. She tries to wake her up but all in vain.

Kapri has shown situations like faulty iron, a two-year-old carrying the stool, she knows that she should eat something to survive etc. As the movie proceeds, Kapri has banished all the situations where the two-year-old Pihu could get the help. The movie shows how Pihu survives in this situation. Well, the catchiest scene was the one where the girl is standing in an unprotected balcony and we could see her half bent on the railing trying to get her doll. Whether Pihu survives or not, you should watch the film for that.


Although the film had nothing new it did have the same elements presented in a good way. You would find the movie interesting. At some points, it feels a bit boring and stretchy but the child artist, Myra (Pihu) is able to grab the attention and will keep you tied up to your seats. All-in-all it’s a decent film, which is a one-time watch.