Rakhi Sawant gets Knocked Down by a wrestler in Continental Wrestling Entertainment

Pic Courtesy: YouTube

If you have Rakhi Sawant around, then you would have news brimming around you but this time it’s not about the statement that she made. Rakhi Sawant was knocked down in the wrestling ring. But don’t be afraid, Rakhi was not there to wrestle. The incident took place in Panchkula where Continental Wrestling Entertainment or CWE was held. The event was organized by the Great Khali in the Tau Devi Lal Stadium in Panchkula. Rakhi was there for a performance.

She was in the ring along with the female wrestler. She was performing in the ring and then went over the board and challenged the wrestler. The woman knocked Rakhi down which made her suffer a back injury. The injuries were so bad that Rakhi had to be hospitalized.

A fellow wrestler and police officer had to take Rakhi out of the ring and admit her in the hospital. The injuries were painful and Rakhi was not able to stand.Here is a look at what had happened in the ring:

The Continental Wrestling Entertainment was started by Khali who represented India in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Recently Rakhi Sawant had been in the news because of her statement against Tanushree Dutta in the Tanushree Dutta –Nana Patekar controversy. Rakhi was outspoken about her views on Tanushree Dutta. She alleged Dutta for framing veteran actor Nana Patekar. Rakhi went forward filing a defamation case of Rs. .25 against Tanushree Dutta. When she was asked about this meagre amount, Rakhi said that Tanushree Dutta is worth 25 paise.

For now, we hope that Rakhi Sawant recovers soon and hope that her injuries heal soon. But all we can say is that she must take a lesson and think before speaking out.