LoveYatri Movie Review: A simple love story with nostalgia of 90’s

Pic Courtesy: The Financial Express

Director: Abhiraj Minawal

Star Cast: Ayush Sharma, Warina Hussain, Ram Kapoor, Ronit Roy

Movie Review: Finally, after a lot of hustle-bustle surrounding the name of the film, LoveYatri has hit the screens today. The film marks the debut of Salman Khan’s brother-in-law Ayush Sharma and Warina Hussain.

The film is a straightforward love story where a boy falls madly in love with a girl and does everything to woo her. Ayush Sharma as Sushrut is not an ambitious boy, his only aim is to establish a garba school for the kids in Vadodara, whereas Warina Hussain as Michelle is an ambitious girl and is based in the UK. She comes back to India after the argument with her father essayed by Ronit Roy. After a lot of discussions, Ronit Roy agrees to send her back to India. The story begins when Sushrut and Warina meet each other. It is during the 9 days of Navratri when their love story blooms.

During the dance festival in Navratri Sushrut falls in love with Michelle in the first sight. You could get a glimpse of a typical 90’s love story where the boy does everything to win the heart of the girl. Debutant director Abhiraj Minawal has played it safe by sticking to the age-old formula of love story. He has created some mushy moments and the peppy songs in the film complete the missing areas. Since the script demands the girl and the boy to be naïve and innocent, Ayush and Warina completely justify their role. Ram Kapoor as the father of Sushrut and Ronit Roy Michelle’s father are impeccable in their role. The lighter moments and charming chemistry of Ayush and Warina will take you over, the songs will make you leave the cinema hall with a smile on the face.

Ayush Sharma looks good and is likeable with his boyish appeal. Warina also looks screen friendly. The emotionally heavier dialogues and scenes are well-taken care by Ram Kapoor and Ronit Roy. LoveYatri doesn’t have the appeal of the modern love story but it is a nostalgic treat to the love stories of 90’s.