Suhana Khan Debuts In August Edition Of Vogue India

Gauri Khan, wife of infamous actor Shahrukh Khan had earlier revealed in an interview that time has come for her daughter to shine. While at this year’s Hall of Fame Awards, she praised her daughter’s Interior decorating sense and revealed that soon she will be on the cover of a famous magazine. Gauri also said this is one of the most exciting thing waiting to happen to her this year. Recently Dhadak actress has also risen to fame by appearing on the cover of Vogue earlier this year. This helps her immerse in the marketing of her film.
Image result for shahrukh khan daughterIn her debut shoot Suhana looking fabulous on the August issue of Vogue India edition. She still holds her innocence but also rocking a bold look on the cover. If you among those optimists those who thought that she is soon to be launched in Bollywood, then I have a good news for you peeps. While getting interviewed for Vogue cover, she was accompanied by Shah Rukh Khan. No, he isn’t babysitting her, he is just there as her friend. This interview has taken in Mannat itself. While she was giving her interview, SRK just sitting back and giving her moral support.

Upon asking her what are her plans in the near future. Before she could answer, her father replied that, well there is so plan as such. But if opportunities happen to knock in near future she won’t shy away from it. He also wanted his close friends to help her launch into the industry rather than himself. He also added that “Suhana’s not working towards a promise of being cast, she’s working towards being an actor, and she knows that. We have friends who are very well-meaning and think of my kids as their own, and they’re all happy and keen to launch her. Like Karan Johar. But I keep insisting that I don’t want them designed as stars, I want them to be launched when they are good-enough actors.”

Upon asking about the secret of his immense success in this tough industry. He said“It is difficult to become what I’ve become, but there are billions of factors responsible for my success. Will it happen to everyone? There is no cynicism in this, but they have to get out of my shadow and do their stuff.”