Shahid Kapoor’s half-Brother And Janhvi Talks About Facing Internet Trolls


This young actor doesn’t mind to be recognized as Shahid Kapoor’s brother. His name is Ishaan Khatter. He made his debut in the industry with his film Beyond the clouds. And is going to make another mark in Bollywood with his film Dhadak. Upon asking him about the half-brother name calling he said that he doesn’t mind people calling him that. He also added that he doesn’t intend to separate his brotherly connection with Shahid Kapoor. His exact words were “I have no intention to make a name for myself and to separate my identity from my brother’s name. I am proud to be identified as Shahid’s brother, there is no shame in it”.

A bigger moment for the former actress however, will be when both her sons share screen space.

While Shahid Kapoor is Neelima’s 1st born son with her husband Pankaj Kapoor. And Ishaan is her 2nd born with Rajesh Khatter. “Creating a separate identity for myself was never my driving force and will never be,” Ishaan said, adding that his passion for cinema is his own and not borrowed from anyone else.” “I believe if you are sincere with your work and you are good at it, then your identity will be created by default. Though it feels good if I am getting acknowledged for my work,” he added.

Both Janhvi and Ishaan are new in this age-old industry and they are getting accustomed to it slowly. According to them the hardest part of being a celebrity is calmly tackle trolls. Upon enquiring about recent trolls on Janhvi replied that Memes are pretty harmless but some comments are way too much for her to handle.

Welcome to the Internet Where opinions are facts and sources don't matter

“Memes do not affect me. They are funny, but there are comments which just hit me at the spot.”

“I understand people have their opinions. Let’s hope once they see the film they become a little more accepting,” “I know I can’t expect everyone to like the film, but we have worked with honesty and put our sweat into it; I hope that will be (communicated) to people through my work,” commented Janhvi.


On the other hand, Ishaan khatter, doesn’t believe in paying heed towards the troll. He commented “When there is hate or negative comment, I try to ignore it. And try to not bother myself with such stuff. By spreading hatred, and if it is particularly directed at us, then that person is reflecting his own personality,” said Ishaan.