Bollywood’s Concept of Women Empowerment Is Flawed To The Core


If you’ve watched the types of Bollywood movie in these previous 5 years, then chances are that you have noticed what the title suggests. Since Bollywood is a part of huge journalism culture, it has an immense effect on its audiences. It has a powerful hand in shaping young mindsets in our developing country. As India slowly modernizing in a lot of ways of the western culture. Even, Bollywood keeps up its primal rating by introducing “modern” relationships in the mix. A  lot of mainstream movies and series also accurately portray erratic realities of the urban Indians. Like live-in-relationships, pre-marital sex, or independent women taking care of their own family with many familial obligations. Bollywood is portraying such westernized culture and naming as it genders equal ideas. But let me enlighten you why is it’s a flawed idea in itself.

  • Gender Pay Gap Is A Real Thing

Yeah, you read it right. Gender pay gaps exist still in Bollywood in this modern era where women are slowing reclaiming their individual rights. In case if you observe the worldwide survey done in different countries, communities and even family. There is not a single place where the gender pay gap is close to zero. According to the global economic forum, the pay disparity may take up to 170 years to cease.

“I don’t really understand why we are paid less than the male actors because we put equal efforts,” actress Aditi Rao Hydari said in an interview with PTI.

  •  Portrayal of Women

I am sure if you can’t relate to the first point, you can surely relate to this one. It’s so common to watch an item number(strictly taboo before about a decade ago) and even sex scenes in Bollywood movies. Usually, in commercial Hindi movies, females are still depicted as a fragile dependent characters who have to be rescued by a male hero. Well, there is a small fraction of movies where women are portrayed as independent like Kahani or MOM. Also movies like Hichki, Queen, English Vinglish portrayed women in a positive light.

  • Not empowering

The real meaning of women empowerment is that giving fair and equal opportunities to them w.r.t male counterpart. Bollywood got this concept mix with the idea that women need some male figure to achieve their rightful place in the society. Don’t be mistaken, I am not saying that Bollywood has enough women inspiration to be made films on. My point in that Bollywood has still realized the potential the women hold. They haven’t begun to notice women beyond their bodies and housewife figure.

Like for example, girls have to play hockey and win or started to wrestle but under the supervision of men. Well, it is not entirely Bollywood’s fault but the audience also has a fair share of blame on them too.