Meet the Indian Rihana- Renee Kujur

Pic Courtesy: Hindustan Times

It is a famous saying that there are seven lookalikes of a person in this world and if you happen to meet one of them, then you are lucky. Well, we bring your Renee Kujur, doppelgänger of the renowned singer Rihana. Her striking similarity with Rihanna has brought Renee Kujur, and the internet is flooded with her pictures.

Pic Courtesy: The Coll

Once considered dark and dusky, not fit as per the beauty standards, Renee has now shot to fame owing to her looks. She looks absolutely stunning in her pictures and in some places she resembles Rihana so much so that it’s difficult to figure out the difference.

Renee hails from Chattisgarh but now resides in Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. Renee shot to fame teaches us an important lesson, “All fairies are not black.”

Here is a glimpse at this dazzling dusky diva-

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