Bollywood going the vegan way

Pic Courtesy: YouTube

The never-ending battle between the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians has engulfed Bollywood. Since a long time, the Bollywood actors and actresses have been showing their concern for the animals by joining various NGOs saving animals, some have become PETA ambassador while others have left the non-vegetarian diet to join the vegetarian list.  But, there is a certain genre of film fraternity that has joined the vegan list by leaving the consumption of dairy products.

Many researches show that consumption of dairy products harms the animals in the long run. We have heard the cases like giving the injection of cows, giving them growth hormones so that their productivity increases, etc. To show their side of concern for the animals, many Bollywood celebs have joined the vegan bandwagon. There are a few of them who will inspire you to make a switch to vegan food choices:

Sonam Kapoor- The actress has shown her side of concern for animals by switching to vegan dishes, for example, she uses soy milk.

Pic Courtesy: Vegan First

Ayesha Takia– She is a hardcore vegan follower. Her entire Instagram is filled with a lot of vegan dishes and recipes that will give you mouth-watering treat.

Pic Courtesy: WeRIndia

Richa Chaddha- Another actress who promotes the use of vegan food. She has switched to coconut milk for making her tea.

Pic Courtesy: PETA INDIA

Neha Dhupia– Vegetarian diet ensures mental and physical wellness.  It’s been quite some time that Neha has switched to being a vegetarian.

Pic Courtesy: PETA INDIA

Jacqueline Fernandez– The dazzling beauty of Jacquline can lure anyone. Just like others she has also switched to vegan diet and believes that it should be a long-term goal.

Pic Courtesy: First Mom Club