Priyanka and Nick Jonas holidaying in Goa- picture goes viral

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Well, it all appears to be very clear that the two international celebrities, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are dating. They look great as a couple and Priyanka always seems to be

Pic Courtesy: The Indian Express

happy around him. We all know that Priyanka brought Nick to India where he met her mother and then they went off to Goa to enjoy the beaches.

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Nick also accompanied Priyanka in Akash and Shloka’s pre-engagement party, and the pictures of them went viral. Well, we have a new picture to share with you. Priyanka along with Pareneeti and Nick and some other friends had a great time in Goa. A picture of them surfaced online where they were seen enjoying the lunch. The picture has gone viral. We hope to hear some good news from them, for now, both Priyanka and Nick have flown back to LA.